Do I have to bring my own towels?

No, you don’t. Every guest is receiving 2 towels. There is a change in the middle of the week.


Do I have to bring my own bed lines?

Your cabin is fully equipped with towels and bed lines. Fresh bed lines every two days.


What’s about shower gell / shampoo / sun cream?

Thank you for bringing your own care products : )


Is there any WiFi on board?

Yes, we have WiFi on board.

What’s about phone / WiFi connection during the safari?

Please note, there will be no phone / WiFi connection for around 2-3 days in the area of Daedalus.

How many meals do we have on board?

We have 4 meals daily – breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. All the meals and soft drinks are included.

Which kind of snacks do we have on board?

Different cakes, chips, pan cakes, fruits and much more.

Which kind of drinks do we have on board?

Water, different kind of juices, coke, sprite.
We are supporting the environment protection by using as less plastic bottles as we can. We have big water tanks all around the boat. Everybody will get his own bottle to refill. If you have your own one bottle – you are welcome to bring it with you  : )

What’s about alcoholic drinks?

All the soft drinks on board are included. Thank you for your understanding that we are not providing any alcoholic drinks. Though, we can assist you purchasing beer during the transfer to the boat. In case you wish any stronger alcoholics – you are welcome to care for organizing by your own : )



Are there any weights on board?

Yes, we have enough weights on board. We care about it : )

What’s about spare equipement?

We have a spare equipment box on board.

Can I rent any equipement?

Sure! We can organize you everything you want! Just let us know in time. We will provide you a preorder list soon.

How many dives do we have per day?

Day 1: 3 dives (incl. 1 night dive)
Day 2: 3 dives
Day 3: 3 dives
Day 4: 4 dives (incl. 1 night dive)
Day 5: 4 dives (incl. 1 night dive)
Day 6: 1 or 2 dives (depending on the flights)

Do we have to bring our own lamps?

Yes, please bring your own lamp or let us know if you need a rental one.

Can we rent / use scooter for our dives?

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to use scooter in the area of our safaris. But don’t worry – we are going to have much fun anyway! ; )

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